Thursday, July 26, 2012


I don't just love & adore my nephew, to me he is the "crème de la crème". 
I can't love him enough!! ;-) 
I feel this way about all of the children within my family.  They are bright & beautiful beings.  One day I had to pick my nephew up from school.  When I asked him about his day & how school was going for him, he did not hold back! I was cracking up because he is such a little old man.  I am always amazed by how freely he expresses himself.  He said "Boy am I tired of waking up early every day, going back & forth to school then doing all this school work. I need a break!"  He cracks me up & makes me laugh so much.
At age six I get to listen to my nephew complaining about the stress & pressures of school like it's a full-time job.  I guess to him it is.  Then I think about my son & realize that at age five my son is still babbling as he struggles to push one word out of his mouth.  I can see & feel his frustration as he fights for me to figure out what he is trying to tell me.  This the the life of my Autistic Soul.  By age five or six most kids can read, write, sing, spell, dance & play with toys appropriately.  They have the luxury of exploring life as they gain their own independence.
At age five my son functions with a therapy technique called "HAND OVER HAND".  This means he will learn how to do things by being prompted by an adult placing their hand over his hand to teach him how to do things.  This would be great if it stuck with him but the reality is he's delayed & becomes upset or extremely frustrated when he is unable to do simple things that he sees other kids doing.  One thing my son does understand is that he was born into a family filled with that powerful warrior spirit & loving energy.  We don't give up!  We don't give in! We don't back down & we make things happen no matter what.
My son knows that I believe in him & that I will always have his back.  I tell him I love him so much that I lose count.  I say I love you every time he walks or runs by me.  I say it when I put him on the school bus.  I say it when I take him off the school bus & I say I love you just because.  He has no doubt that I believe he will speak, learn, be successful in life & work hard to be independent one day.  He will have a huge break through & when he does I will be right by his side cheering him on.  Our spirits are unbreakable.  Our love is unconditional.  Our joy for the gift that we are to one another is priceless.  
He's the love of my life & my little Autistic Soul.

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