Wednesday, July 11, 2012


What is Autism? It is a neurological disorder that causes developmental delay. It usually occurs within the first few years of a child's life. I've read that it occurs more in boys than girls. Parents may notice subtle changes with how a child functions. I call it the DISCONNECT. That's how I felt when looking into my child's eyes. I noticed something was affecting my son's development with communication and his social skills but I didn't have a name for it. 
My son is non-verbal and struggles with social interactions. He also has sensory issues to foods, sounds, etc... For example a car alarm going off my be a trigger that sends him into a state of high anxiety and panic. He smells and feels everything before eating it. I'm a picky eater but my son is really a picky eater! I quickly discovered 3 things:

1. I not only had to learn my child as a unique individual but learn him through his struggles with Autism.

2. Every child truly is different.

3. Every child is truly gifted.

Once he was diagnosed our journey of discovery began! I went from figuring out what his triggers were to what special gifts were hidden within his beautiful mind. I have discovered that my son is a brilliantly beautiful and affectionate soul. He loves sports & has a fondness for water....he loves swimming. As I learned him, he has learned my role and responsibility in his life. By age three my son fully understood that I am not just his mother but I am a strong positive PROTECTIVE force of constant loving energy and support in his life. The world has to come through me before getting to him.
He truly is who and what matters most! He's my BOO-BEAR!~


Nadira Ammamoo said...

Amazing! You're blessed to have a diagnosis. I believe my son struggles with autism and I'm now having him evaluated. He did not start to communicate and talk until he was going on seven. He received speech therapy and IEP to age 10. Then they classified him as learning disabled, but when tested, he scored a superior IQ. Then they diagnosed him with ADD, but the more I learn about autism, the more I believe that's his diagnosis. Thanks for sharing your experiences and please keep me updated on any new info about autism.

Shane is a superstar and I'm so happy he's doing great and has you as a mother.

Bindu said...

@ Nadira.....The spectrum is so broad for Autistic children it is hard to get a proper diagnosis. I had to change pediatricians for my son because the first doctor said "oh he will be fine, there is nothing wrong with him." He was way off base which took us longer to figure out what was wrong. They are all brilliant & gifted children who have their own struggles but I do believe they will succeed with constant love on their side. Your son will grow to do amazing things in life! Just watch & see. We are both blessed to have them. Thanks for sharing your truth & giving me hope as a mother. Blessings!